Chemical Analysis


Chemical Analysis

comprehensive range of tests

Our in-house laboratory service presents an extensive array of analyses. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive range of tests catering to the agricultural, chemical, cosmetic, food and allied, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. .

Our offerings encompass standard test methodologies, alongside the capability for method development and research

Frequently Asked Questions

BioServices has identified a few key questions over the years, to ensure a good quality service and fast turn-around time.
How do i submit a sample?

To initiate the analysis process, please utilize the “Submit a Sample” form available in the menu. Once you submit a sample through the form, a quote will be promptly emailed to you. All samples intended for analysis must undergo the official quote generation process.

How much sample is required?

Different analysis requires different amounts of sample, all dependent on how many tests need to be conducted per sample.

In general,

  • fuel analysis 100ml per sample
  • Cosmetic 30 – 50g per sample
  • Water analysis 1l per sample
  • Cannabis Analysis 1ml per oil sample, and 2g for flower sample
What is the turn-around time?

Testing takes 7-14 working days, although specialised samples can take longer

What are the payment terms?

New customers are COD, alternatively we offer 30 day accounts after application.