Chemical Analysis

GMP - ISO22716

Chemical Analysis

Our in-house laboratory is well equipped, BioServices offers a wide variety of tests

Over the last 35 years, BioServices has refined our laboratory offerings, we offer a wide variety of tests in our well equipped laboratory.

Some of the analysis we provide include:

  • Viscosity, pH, Conductivity, Specific gravity
  • Loss on drying, dissolution, solubility
  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Water Analysis
  • Microbial: Total plate count, Yeast and molds, Coliforms
  • Fuel analysis – biofuel, diesel
  • GC,GCMS Headspace Injection
  • Stability Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

BioServices has identified a few key questions over the years, to ensure a good quality service and fast turn-around time.
How do i submit a sample?

All samples intended for analysis must first have an official quote generated by emailing a certificate of analysis to, accompanied by a sample form indicating what type of analysis, and what you are wishing to achieve with this analysis.

How much sample is required?

Different analysis requires different amounts of sample, all dependent on how many tests need to be conducted per sample.

In general,

  • fuel analysis 100ml per sample
  • Cosmetic 30 – 50g per sample
  • Water analysis 1l per sample
  • Cannabis Analysis 1ml per oil sample, and 2g for flower sample
What is the turn-around time?

Testing takes 7-14 working days, although specialised samples can take longer

What are the payment terms?

New customers are COD, alternatively we offer 30 day accounts after application.

What we do!

BioServices is a world class GMP ISO22716 facility

From humble beginnings, BioServices has grown into a multi-faceted facility

Founded in 1986, Bioservices, has grown from strength to strength, we offer a full range of services at our GMP ISO22716 facility in Johannesburg South Africa. Chemical analysis, QC analysis, Contract manufacturing and RAW material/actives supply.

In our GMP facility, Quality Control forms a very important part of our daily operations ensuring our customers receive the best value products and peace of mind that the finished products are safe for the end user.